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QwikLeaf CEO Shares Why He’s Bringing Amazon-like Lockers to Cannabis Retail Stores

Finally, Amazon-like lockers are coming to cannabis retail stores.

Startup QwikLeaf is bringing the click and collect model to the cannabis industry and it could not come at a better time. Transforming traditional dispensaries into modern retail hubs will enable retail stores to meet the growing demand for cannabis.

This game-changing idea is the brainchild of QwikLeaf CEO Neil Biafore, an entrepreneur and innovator who noticed that lines at the dispensary are getting longer. So he is offering a solution.

We recently sat down with Neil to talk about how his platform QwikCollect and how it will change the way cannabis is bought and sold in the United States.

“About 1 year ago I noticed a gap in the market, there was no hardware or software available for cannabis users to easily pick up their product without going through the hassle,” Neil shared.

“After realizing there were no click-and-collect platforms in the cannabis space I decided there had to be an easier way, so I decided to create it.”

Neil figured he was onto something special after launching a crowdfunding campaign on Fundanna, where it has now over $100,000 in pledges from investors.

“Our platform is so well thought-out and needed in the consumer industry that we have been approached by businesses in multiple industries wondering if the platform could be used.”

Apart from the tons of features already planned for QwikCollect and its powerful software QwikCloud, the company is ensuring that feature updates will be available in the future.

“We are setting up manufacturing to produce a base model that can be easily modified. This base model will serve as a visualization tool for future customers looking to add click-and-collect to their dispensary / retail cannabis stores. New clients will be able to use the base model or add a variety of features to suit their specific needs.”

According to Neil, developing such an innovative system for cannabis comes with challenges.

“One of the biggest challenges we had to work out was getting approval from different state regulatory boards and marijuana commissions to sell cannabis in a click-and-collect format. By meeting with regulators and working closely with METRC (Marijuana Enforcement Tracking Reporting Compliance) we were able to get approval for the first click-and-collect cannabis platform.”

Among the current developments in the cannabis space, Neil says he is most excited about the speed in which cannabis retail stores are opening. This offers a great opportunity for his company to create partnerships early.

“Soon, there will be a way for cannabis users around the world to order cannabis online and pick it up from a locker with little to no human interaction or wait time.”

Neil further emphasized that it is also very exciting for investors who will now have a way to legally profit from cannabis sales around the globe.

“One of the best reasons to invest in QwikLeaf is that we are the only cannabis company in the industry providing a way for investors to profit from the revenue of multiple cannabis dispensaries around the U.S. and soon to be world. Every dispensary that is using our lockers, and sales terminal will pay a small percentage of each sale to QwikLeaf, this small percentage when multiplied by many retail cannabis stores will give us and investors a substantial return.”

QwikLeaf is enticing retailers to invest by offering discounts on future purchases. Neil says those interested in setting up dispensaries of their own are also entitled to some perks.

“For investors looking to set up their own dispensary using a click-and-collect platform, I urge them to reach out to QwikLeaf. We have many different incentives and promotional deals available to our first round of customers,” he noted.

“For investing go to our offering page: For questions write me in the chat section of the offering's page or email me at:”

The first “QwikLeaf” click-and-collect cannabis lockers will be launched throughout Michigan and California in early 2020, with immediate expansion across the United States soon after.

Interested in QwikLeaf lockers for you store or as an investment? Click here.

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