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  • Bern Torrente

How to Create Your Own Compelling Brand Story

Are you wondering how your brand will stand out in a sea of advertisements and content? 

In today’s fast-paced marketing environment, it can get a little crowded. For starting brands, there might be a simple solution: a compelling brand story.

To gain the customer’s attention, experts say a business must have a great brand story. This is the heart and soul of your brand and gives your audience a complete picture of what you are. 


Do you remember the last time a campaign tugged on your heartstrings? How about an ad that made you laugh out loud? Whatever emotion a piece of content made you feel, one thing is certain: your interests towards the brand are already piqued.

Your brand story gives your customers and the rest of your audience a reason to care and motivation to want to learn more about your offer.


On average, people are exposed to over 5,000 advertisements each day, based on estimates by marketing experts. It’s tremendously difficult to stand out in a sea of other brands trying to stand out, too. This challenge is made even more complicated with the current marketing climate amid the pandemic. 

If you want to break through the noise and resonate with your customers, here are some useful ideas to deliver your content:

  • Know Yourself. Ask yourself these questions: What does your brand stand for? What do my clients really need from me? What kind of messages do we want to send? A brand that knows itself well can easily answer these questions.

  • Start Simple. Brands like Apple, Amazon, and Virgin have very clear, simple stories at their core, and it proves to be effective. Simple stories are more trustworthy for an audience that seeks authenticity.

  • Find Your Audience. You can’t tell a good story if you don’t know who you’re talking to. The key is to pick the right demographic for your brand and then understand its motivations, fears, needs, wants, and dreams.

  • Show, Don’t Tell. It’s always better to show rather than to tell. Stay away from just listing off vague and general qualities. If you just throw out a bunch of bland adjectives about how great your brand is, people will tune you out because they hear these pitches all the time and do not relate to them.

  • Consistency Is Key. Keep your brand consistent with the values it associates itself with. When your brand espouses a value, make sure you don’t contradict that value, or your inconsistent behavior will result in lost customers. Inconsistency is also confusing, and people will turn away from a brand that contradicts itself in favor of one that doesn’t.


Remember that your brand story represents who you are and what you stand for, so be sure to communicate this not only on your website but other forms of content you share with your audience. 

Build a connection with your audience and keep them interested by incorporating a part of “you” in social media posts, blogs, and even ads.

Start creating your brand story and connect with your audience today.

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